Blue Sky Tag #2 from Asyikin

Assalamualaikum, hai Miss Asyikin thank you for tagging me in your blue sky tag's post :) I am sorry for my late post. Hehehe so now I want to answer all the question. Let's see ^^


- Thank the person who tagged you
- Answer their 11 questions
- Tag 11 people
- Give them 11 questions to answer me 

1. What are the things you love the most ?

-All the precious things that was mine and something that people gave to me :)

2. What are the things you hate most ? 

-I hate dirty and uncluttered things.

3. If you are want to surfing internet with your smartphone, what is the app you open first ?

-If I want to surfing internet with my smartphone, the app that I will open first is google  because everything I want was there, just search it. (hehek)

4. List down your favourite songs (5 songs only) :D

1) Davichi-This love 
2) Park Hyung Sik-Because of you
3) Yoon Mi Rae-Always
4) Chen, Baekhyun,Xiumin-For you
5) Haqiem Rusli-Segalanya 
(Mostly korean song :3)

5. If someone hate you, what will you do ?

-I don't care and it's okay let them be. 

6. If you have a big problem that bothering your day, what will you do ?

-I will keep myself quiet and only talk to someone when they ask. 

7. What is your dream ?

-Hopefully, one fine day I have an opportunity to study abroad bcs this is one of my wish since I was in primary school. :)

8. Do you want to be a popular person ? Yes Or No ? Give a reason

-If you asking me this questions, honestly, I will definitely answered yes. For me, I wanted to be a popular person bcs when we become popular, people around us will always see us and follow the little things that we do either its good or bad (usually they follow the good in us). Then, we also can give benefits to them and ofcourse, people will always appreciate us in their life :)

9. What are the idols you want to meet to ( list 5 idols only )

1) Mr. H
2) Farah Lee
3) Raiisyah Rania Yeap/ Felixia Yeap
4) EXO members
5) All koreans actor

10. Which country in this world you want to visit ?

-Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Makkah (ofcourse) and all the country.

11. What will you do and felt, when someone you love was back-up (defend) someone which is fighting with you ? 

-I will become sad and angry, and I don't wanna talk to them for a day long because on that situation, I feel that im not important in their life when they defend someone else hahaha. :p

DONE! Im sorry for break the rules. Thank you for reading and dada~

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