Blue Sky Tag #1 from Asiela

About 2 weeks ago, I got tagged from Asiela to do this Blue Sky Tag but im too busy to answer but btw thank you for tagging me ^^ So finally today, I got chances to answer all the questions! Let's check ~


- Thank the person who tagged you
- Answer their 11 questions
- Tag 11 people
- Give them 11 questions to answer

1. Explain me anything about you

-Mostly people know me as Izzah Alya. 18 years old girl. Love eating, reading novels, surfing internet, reading a positive vibes and inspiration post. ;)

2. Explain me anything about me XD -if you don't know, it's okey-

-I know you as Asiela. But your name actually is Selma right? *im sorry if its wrong* You are Indonesian blogger. Your entry is awesome bcs you can write in english so well. Nice to know you. And I think maybe we can be friends? Hee :D

3. What makes you being a blogger?

-Since I stalked my friend's blog. Actually, I love to read and write. Before I being a blogger, I love to reading the other persons writing/blog and also reading a famous blog.

4. How did you start making a blog?

-When I have so many things to share to people.

5. Tell me about your passion

-Still searching.

6. What is your boyfriend type?

-Patience, Respectful, Loving, Caring, Understanding and etc. :3

7.What is your personality type? Introvert? Extrovert? Ambivert?

-I am an Introvert person actually, but I can be extrovert also. :p

8. Your favorite music genre? Why?

-Blues and broadway because idk i just love it. :)

9. Your favorite movie genre? Why?

-Horror because i love the suspend scene kuikui

10. What's your passion?

-Let it be secret.

11. Your motto?

-Go check my header.


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